Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy with Nathan Whitaker

“In  the pages of this fascinating memoir, Tony Dungy reveals the secrets to his success­-principles, practices, and priorities that have kept him on track despite overwhelming obstacles, including firings, stereotyping, and the tragic loss of a child. His thoughts on leading, succeeding, and attaining true significance will inspire you to take a long hard look at the things that really matter in your own life.” Quiet Strength, Back cover

What did I think?
Quiet Strength is a great read. I’ve read this book many times over the past few years, and each time it is more enlightening.
It is great to be able to look at the story of Tony’s life, and learn from it. You will get a chance to learn a lot of lessons about integrity, respect, and hard work. 
The book is very interesting for sport fans, as they get to learn a bit about Tony’s coaching philosophy, but I enjoyed seeing Tony live out his faith in these moments of trials the most.
            This book was an encouragement to me to be a better man and work harder for the glory of Christ. I’d highly recommend it. 

Tony Dungy was a long tenured NFL coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis colts; winning the Super Bowl in 2007.

To learn more about Tony Dungy, check out his website.

Nathan Whitaker is a Harvard Law Graduate whose firm represents NFL and college coaches and administrators.

To learn more about Nathan Whitaker, check out his website.

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