Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The Genius of One by Greg Holder

The Genius of One, written by author and Pastor Greg Holder, is a book that looks at the biblical design of community, while offering leadership and guidance on how this community can be a reality for each of us.

I had never heard of Greg Holder before reading this book, but immediately enjoyed his writing style. He teaches clearly using interesting illustrations that connect with the reader, he’s personal and humorous, and the book flows well and makes sense.

The book is balanced. He doesn’t suggest community is following strict guidelines or that it has to look a specific way. He realizes we are all gifted and wired uniquely. Everybody that reads this book will come away with applications unique and personal to them.

I would recommend this book to anybody that wants to see greater unity and intimacy in the church, among Christians, and in the world as a whole.

It’s a great book that really does apply to everybody. Even if you don’t agree with every single thing he says, it’s a great conversation starter that offers hope that healing, reconciliation, and community are all possible. I’m thankful I had the opportunity to read it.

*Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book. The review was my honest opinion. No compensation was received.*

About the author:
Greg is passionate about the local church and how God designed us to thrive in healthy community.  His leadership and influence has taken him around the globe, helping communities, churches, pastors and leaders work towards spiritual, relational, and physical health.

Feel free to learn more about Greg on his website

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